Personal Post: Weekend by the Creek

Weekend by the Creek

Buck Creek, Marion NC
Buck Creek RV Park

Talk about bringing back childhood memories. Growing up, I loved our camping trips to the New River we took as a church. It was a place we could run free as kids and have no other responsibility than to have fun. I knew every rock on the bottom of that river. I could tell you where to step without even looking. Since the land we would camp on has now been sold, we will have to make new memories in other places.  I will always have a special place in my heart for that river.

We went to Buck Creek this past weekend and camped along the creek side (seemed more like a river to me). I felt like I stepped back in time when I put my water-shoes on and felt the chill of the current. 

Thankfully Noah found the same joy being in the water. He loved picking up the rocks and splashing his feet in the water. I am so glad he had a good time (even though he called the creek "pool"). We will be going back for sure!

Here are some photos from our trip: