Matt + Kristina's Proposal




When Matt told my husband and I that he was planning on proposing to Kristina, we were beyond excited for them! We all four graduated High School together and are still the greatest of friends and hang out all the time. We had a weekend in Asheville that had been planned for weeks when Matt told us about the ring. Matt thought Asheville would be a perfect place to ask Kristina to marry him, and I could snag some photos of it happening!

Just a few days after our conversation with Matt, Kristina came up with the idea of her and Matt having some photos taken in Asheville so I could use it for my portfolio (because I had been dying for some amazing mountain top photos). Little did she know, she was planning out her entire proposal. We picked a location with a short hike, found outfits, and made sure everything was perfect for her and Matt's "photoshoot". 

After a long and beautiful day of tubing the French Broad River, it was finally time for photos (I think I was more nervous than Matt was)! We set out for our 40 minute drive to Craggy Gardens, which consisted of MANY curvy roads that made us all want to vomit, but that may have been because of the driver (Scott). When we got to Craggy Gardens there was no time to waste, so we set off on what we thought was a short hike to the mountain top. Ummm no....that was no short hike. That was mountain climbing. In dresses. AND flip flops! A few cuss words may have slipped on that one....

FINALLY, we made it to the top, and it was more than worth it all. We found a spot that had an amazing view and had no one else around. Immediately, I started taking photos of them (Kristina still had no idea what was going on), and Matt began fumbling in his pocket for the ring. 

He then got down one knee and asked her to marry him! 

She, of course, was in complete shock as tears came pouring down her face. After telling him "yes," she kept saying "You really want to marry me?" 

It was such an incredible moment to witness. She instantly beamed with joy, and she could not stop looking at her beautiful ring. I am so happy for these two friends of ours. They are perfect for one another and it is evident how happy they make each other. I am so excited for them and their future together!!

---I also have to mention that Scott secretly carried a bottle of Champaign and plastic glasses all the way to the top of the mountain for a "post-proposal" toast. It was an incredibly sweet gesture, however, we did not think about how much it would get shaken up during the hike. When he went to open it, it went EVERYWHERE and none of us even wanted to drink any because we had just burned a million calories mountain climbing. We all had many laughs, with a good story to tell, and sore legs to go home with. 

Here are their photos: