Hey, Im Erin. Thank you for visiting my website! Photography has been a hobby of mine for almost eight years now. Just recently this hobby has turned into a passion that has allowed me to turn it into a business. Videography has also started to develop as an interest of mine. I specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography/videography, and YES, I travel!  Here is a little bit more about me and my business....

My Style:  Candid and emotional, romantic, un-posed. I like to capture the moments that are real and genuine. The moments that mean the most. When you look down and your hair is blowing in the wind (snap). When you look at your love and can't help but smile (snap). When you hug your grandmother before you walk down the aisle and a tear falls down her cheek (snap). Thats my style. I also love meeting new people and making new friends.

Personal Life: I live in a small town in North Carolina that's right above Charlotte (Mooresville, NC). I was born and raised here and never want to move away. I have been married to my husband, Scott, for three years now. We were friends in high school and then reconnected in the airport a few years later (a pretty cool story, maybe I'll blog about it...). We have one son named Noah. He's two years old and I've never been more in love. I consider myself having a kind, sweet, nurturing disposition. I am motivated by faith and try to integrate that in all the areas in my life.

Random Facts: I watch Friends every night before I go to bed. I've seen every episode probably a dozen times, if not more  (I relate the most to Monica, but I have my Phoebe moments). || We have a cat named Salem || I am slightly a germaphobe (hence Monica) || We have dance parties in our kitchen on a regular basis || My husband can grill like no other || My favorite place I've ever been to is Positano, Italy || I have just recently discovered podcasts and I'm wondering why I haven't listened to them before..(I would love any podcast suggestions)