I want to take a moment and explain my thoughts on boudoir. Normally, when you hear the word boudoir, you think of one type of photography. For me, I see it as something completely different. I view these sessions as tasteful, delicate, intimate, and most of all...EMPOWERING. 


I am a huge believer in empowering one another and celebrating who we are as individuals. That means celebrating our bodies as well. All bodies. Of every shape, size, and color. Even the details should be appreciated. From the curve in your hips, to the shadows of your collar bone, and even the veins that pop out of your hand that keep your blood pumping. We are all uniquely and beautifully created, and we all have a story to tell. 


The requirement? A love for yourself.

You do not have to be a certain body type. 
You do not have to have a significant other, these can be for you. To celebrate you.
You can even be in a time in your life where you are lacking confidence and you need to push back against the lies. 


My show you just how beautiful you are. 


I hope you leave this space feeling empowered. 

These images are intimate and delicate, please view them with respect.